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5 Things To Consider When Getting Your Hot Tub Ready For Removal

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If you’re planning on having your hot tub removed, some things need to be done before the professionals arrive so everything is set and ready. Even though services tend to be complete, making it easier for the removers is always helpful.

Below we will discuss five things you need to consider after requesting a hot tub removal service with a junk removal company; keep reading!

Your Hot Tub Removal’s Appointment Is Getting Closer

When the day of your hot tub removal arrives, you should have everything ready and prepared. Hot tub removals take time, and some things need to be done before the team of professionals arrives so they can do a good job.

If any items or furniture are left in place, this could cause an issue for them when trying to move it and result in physical injury.

Having Hot Tub’s Equipment Ready to Go

The team who will remove your hot tub will bring their equipment, but you should have yours available when they arrive at the property; this will make it easier for them, so no delays or extra trips are needed. You can place the equipment inside your garage if you have one and open it up when they arrive.

If not, you could put it near your front door or outside if there is space for that. If there isn’t any available space to store the remover’s equipment, get rid of some items from around so everything will be visible.

Consider This 5 Things To Do Before Removing Your Hot Tub:

Hot tub removal can be complicated, so here are five things to consider when getting your hot tub ready for removal to make it easier for everyone involved:

  1. Drain All Water From The Hot Tub
Hot tubs can hold up to 90 gallons of water, and if you want it gone for good, this is something that needs to be done.
  1. Turn Off Power At The Breaker Box
If there is electricity to the hot tub, it could cause harm when removing it, so make sure you turn off all power at your breaker box.
This action will prevent injury and damage from happening; you can check if everything has been turned off properly by using a voltage meter or even checking with an electrician.
  1. Shut Off Any Gas Lines (if applicable)
Does your tub have a gas supply? Then, it would help if you had it shut off by a professional. Water heaters that are unoccupied can build up to harmful fumes if left on. These fumes could cause serious injury when inhaled.
Never leave any line open unless it’s been confirmed as safe. Make sure these professionals do the job right before they leave.
  1. Remove Items Near The Hot Tub
Some items need to be removed, such as tables, chairs, or furniture near the hot tub. Hot tub removals take time, and if anything is left in its way, this could result in them being damaged on their trip out of your property. Avoid any additional costs for any repairs!
Removing any furniture will also help the team move around it with ease and will prevent further delays.
  1. Cover Up Your Pool With Plastic Sheeting
If you have a pool next to your hot tub, this could make things harder for the removers. Hot tubs are bulky items, so having them bump or scratch against each other is something that might occur; if there’s any chance of it happening, then plastic sheeting will prevent it from doing so.

Get Your Hot Tub Removed By Experts

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