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Expert Junk Removal Services In Wentzville, MO

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Having a cluttered space can make anyone feel uneasy and generally stressed. Even the most organized people can suddenly be looking at a whole garage full of stuff. Getting started on a cleanout can be pretty overwhelming and time-consuming. If that scenario sounds familiar, calling a trusted junk removal company might be the right move for you.

At Slam Dunkin Junk, we’re specialists in junk removal in Wentzville, MO. We can help you with demolition, appliance removal, furniture removal, and more. We’re licensed and insured professionals ready to help home or business owners get rid of junk and unwanted items. You already have enough on your plate – let us take some weight off your shoulders.

Declutter Your Property with Our Professional Cleanout Solutions!

At Slam Dunkin Junk, we know it’s not just about taking the junk away – it’s about ensuring our customers are happy and satisfied with the results. We’re the go-to company for all your junk removal needs.

We’re a locally-owned and family-based business since 2020. Our licensed and insured team specializes in hauling services for commercial and residential clients. We’re passionate about helping our clients reclaim their space and take the stress out of junk removal. 


Man providing demolition services.

Residential and Commercial Services We Offer

We provide a range of junk removal services that cater to all your needs; our services are tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Construction Debris Removal: Call our team to haul away lumber, scrap metal, drywall and other construction debris.
  • Eviction Cleanout: We’ll work tirelessly to ensure your property is cleared of junk post-eviction.
  • Office Cleanout: If your company is going remote or just has a lot of unneeded furniture and supplies, we can help.
  • Warehouse Cleanout: We’ll dispose of all the items in your warehouse that are unusable or damaged.
  • Furniture Removal: Our furniture removal service is effective, safe, and eco-friendly. 
  • Junk Removal: We take care of commercial and residential junk safely and quickly.
  • Hot Tub Removal: We’ll get rid of your hot tub whether it’s inside or outside of your home.
  • Light Demolition: We’ll bring down that wall so you can get going with your home redesign.
  • Shed Removal: We’ll tear down your shed and remove the scraps.

We can accommodate any junk removal needs and lift the burden off your shoulders!

Clear Your Space in Wentzville, MO!

If clutter is ruining your daily routine and causing you unnecessary stress, say goodbye to the headache of managing your junk removal or demolition project and let our team of experts handle it all. 

At Slam Dunkin Junk, we provide comprehensive cleanout services for residential and commercial spaces. As licensed and insured professionals, we can handle junk removal in Wentzville, MO. Contact us today for a free quote and take the first step towards a cleaner, more organized space!