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Attic & Basement Cleanout in St. Charles, MO

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There comes a time of the year when you get the idea of doing a thorough house cleanout. Whether you want to do a garden sale or clear up space to turn it into a studio, cleaning your attic and basement is a huge task. If you’re worried that it’s not a chore you can DIY, you deserve the peace of mind that a professional team will handle it carefully.

That’s when Slam Dunkin Junk comes in! We understand the amount of work and risks of cleaning a basement or attic on your own, but you don’t have to! Our expert team has the resources and tools to ensure every item is carefully handled and your space looks as good as new. Don’t hold back from getting the cleanout services your St. Charles home deserves. Contact us!

Why Should You Get An Attic & Basement Cleanout?

Getting an attic or basement cleanout in St. Charles, MO, has many benefits. Not only will you clear up space and make room for new projects, but our team can also remove any clutter on time without damaging your walls or floors. You’ll have the peace of mind that the job is done correctly, and you won’t have to worry about any potential risks.

Slam Dunking Junk Services Removal

What Does This Service Include?

Our team can help you remove furniture, appliances, boxes, and hazardous materials like oil tanks or asbestos. We’ll ensure everything is properly disposed of! Whether you want to donate, recycle or eliminate, we can sort your items and help you maximize your space.

Slam Dunking Junk Removal and Hauling Services

Achieve a Tidier Environment With Our House Cleanout Services in St. Charles, MO

When you’re in charge of a home, keeping up with all your old and new items can be hard, so they tend to find their way to the basement or attic. We understand the hassle of achieving a clean home, but you don’t have to face the struggle alone. Our basement and attic cleanout services in St. Charles, MO, can make it easier!

Follow these steps to recover your space:

  1. Get in touch: Call (636) 293-8061or fill out our online form to get started
  2. Schedule an appointment: One of our professional teams will come to assess the situation and provide you with an estimate.
  3. Get started: We’ll handle all the heavy lifting and make sure everything is properly disposed of or recycled.

If you don’t handle the clutter in your attic or basement on time, they can become a breeding ground for dust and pests. Don’t put yourself in this situation! Contact Slam Dunkin Junk and make the most of your space with our professional attic & basement cleanout services in St. Charles, MO! We’re excited to help you get on the right track!