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Hoarding Stages & How To Deal With Them

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Hoarding Stages | Missouri | Slam Dunkin Junk

What forms into your mind when you hear the word ‘hoarder’? Is it an image of a teddy bear covered carpet, or perhaps well-worn clothing piled to the ceiling?

If so, then yes – you are correct! But there is more than one type of hoarder. By understanding all types of hoards, you will be able to better help this type of individual.

Garbage Hoarding

A garbage hoarder will collect items that most people would consider worthless. They will keep stacks of newspapers, magazines, junk mail etc., and do not have any real intention to use them. This type of hoarder is more likely to suffer from other types of hoarding as well.

5 Hoarding Stages

There are also 5 stages to the hoarding process: accumulation, sentimental attachment (also known as “stuck”), organization, despair and discard.

  1. Accumulation – This is where the hoarder first begins to accumulate items that may seem unneeded or unwanted by others.  
  2. Sentimental attachment – The hoarder becomes emotionally attached to the items they have accumulated and is now afraid to let them go due to fears of wasted money, time, or space.  
  3. Organization – At this point, the hoarder begins to find organization within their collection. Items are sorted out by type or labeled in some way so as to make it easier to find a specific item when needed.  
  4. Despair – This is the lowest stage of hoarding as the hoarder who reaches this point has realized that their way of living is not healthy and begins to become overwhelmed with the clutter around them. At this point, hoarders often ask for help but do not consider therapy.
  5. Discard – The hoarder has now reached a place of organization and is able to discard items that no longer have any use or meaning. During this hoarding stage, it is common for hoarders to become attached once again after recognizing their loss of items and the emotional attachment they had created with them.

Slam Dunkin Junk – A Solution To Hoarding

Slam Dunkin Junk is a residential junk removal company that takes on the difficult task of cleaning homes full of hoarded items. We specialize in assisting hoarders who are looking for help to discard their items and restore order back into their living space. Hoarders are often emotionally attached to their possessions, therefore it is important to provide them with a safe working environment.

We offer the best junk removal service at low prices. We are licensed and insured to handle your junk hauling needs efficiently and responsibly. 

If you’re looking for a green solution that is budget-friendly, look no further than Slam Dunkin Junk. Contact us today to take the first step in the right direction.


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