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Home Cleaning & Hoarding Control Service In O’Fallon, MO

Hoarding is a serious problem that can cause physical and emotional damage to both the hoarder and their loved ones; no one wants to live in a cluttered, messy home.


Suppose your home is filled with so much clutter that it’s difficult to move around. In that case, it’s time to hire our professional hoarder junk removal at Slam Dunkin Junk, LLC.


We provide top-notch hoarding cleanup in Saint Louis, MO and we’re equipped to handle any size job, no matter how big or small.

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Wondering What Is Hoarding? We Break It Down To You

Hoarding is a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation of possessions, even if those items are of little or no value.


People who hoard often need to save items, even if they’re useless, and may have difficulty getting rid of anything. Hoarding can result in cluttered living spaces and may harm mental health. 


Common Signs of Hoarding

Hoarding can be a difficult problem to spot. After all, everyone has different standards for what constitutes clutter. However, some common signs indicate a hoarder living in a space.


  • Excessive accumulation of items, even if they are of little or no value.
  • Inability to throw away possessions.
  • Persistent difficulty organizing or sorting belongings.
  • Severe anxiety when discussing getting rid of items.
  • Hoarded items filling up living spaces and making them unusable.
  • Embarrassment or shame about the state.


The negative aspects of hoarding

  1. Hoarding can be a significant source of clutter and disorganization in your home.
  2. Hoarding can make it challenging to keep your home clean and safe.
  3. Hoarded items can attract pests, compromising your health and safety.
  4. Hoarding can put a strain on your financial resources.


Declutter Your House And Have Peace Of Mind

It can be difficult to know where to turn when it comes to hoarding. Not only is it overwhelming to try to tackle the problem on your own, but it can also be dangerous. That’s where Slam Dunkin Junk, LLC comes in.


If you’ve been looking for “junk removal near me”, look no further than us. We’re trained to deal with hoarder junk removal and have the resources to get the job done safely and efficiently.


We’ll work with you to clear out the clutter and do our best to recycle or donate as much as possible with our hoarding cleanup in Saint Louis, MO.



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