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Professional Hot Tub Removal Service in St Charles, MO 

Enjoying a hot tub in your home or on the property you manage is always relaxing and refreshing until it’s time to say goodbye. You may need to remove the hot tub if you’re relocating or making space for a new one – this is where hot tub removal professionals come into play! It can be tricky maneuvering around an awkwardly-shaped and heavy item such as this, so enlist professional help for efficient jacuzzi removal.

Are you residing in St Charles, MO, or any neighboring cities and searching for a professional hot tub removal near me? Slam Dunkin Junk is the answer! Our highly trained movers are equipped with all the necessary tools, skill sets, and knowledge to ensure your hot tub is safely removed from its current location.

Man removing old hot tub with tools

Slam Dunkin Junk: Hot Tub Removing Company

Slam Dunkin Junk is a locally owned and operated family business that provides junk removal, hauling, and minor demolition services. We are fully licensed and insured for all our services, including tearing down sheds, swing sets and gutting houses! 


Hot Tub Removal Services Vs. DIY

Dealing with hot tub removal may be more cost-effective than hiring a professional. Hot tubs are large and heavy, requiring specialized tools and equipment to move them safely. Plus, there’s the added challenge of disconnecting any electrical or plumbing connections. Save yourself the hassle and leave these tasks to our experienced professionals – you deserve the peace of mind!


Benefits Of Choosing Our Hot Tub Removal Company

We understand that you want the assurance of finding a good company to do the job right. That’s why we provide comprehensive services to handle all aspects of the process; here are some of the benefits that come with choosing Slam Dunkin Junk:

  • Affordable hot tub removal prices
  • Excellent service
  • Handle all aspects of the hot tub removal process
  • Disposal and cleaning of area at the end of the process
  • Fully licensed and insured junk hauling company


Schedule Hot Tub Removal Services with Slam Dunkin Junk Today!

If you’re looking for reliable hot tub removal near me or in St Charles, MO, then rely on the experts at Slam Dunkin Junk. Since 2020 we’ve been providing top-notch customer service with fast response times. With our renowned customer satisfaction, let us handle the stress of jacuzzi removal

Plus, you can rest easy knowing we offer competitive prices on top of free estimates. Don’t wait – contact us today for a hassle-free journey!

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