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How To Properly Dispose Of Appliance

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Many of us have accrued old appliances over the years. At some point, we don’t know what to do with them. Some have memories that they don’t want to lose; however, it is necessary to rid them properly so you can get more space in your house. In this article you will find information from appliance removal experts on how to properly dispose of old appliances to free up space. 

Getting Rid Of Household Appliances

  • Washer and dryers: If they are still working, you should consider donating them to a shelter that will benefit from them. You can also call the manufacturer to check if they are certified to recycle old appliances. Finally, if you can save time and just get rid of them as soon as possible, you can call a junk removal company to help you out with these types of appliances. They will take care of removing all the old appliances and in a matter of minutes, your property will have the space you’ve been waiting for.
  • Refrigerators, freezers and furniture: Getting rid of these items is not easy because of the size. Many homeowners know the best thing they can do is call professional hands. You can contact a junk removal service company like Slam Dunkin Junk, so we can take them from your house and dispose of them properly.  
  • Microwaves: You can recycle old broken microwaves as scrap metal. Or you can also call a junk removal company to make sure it has been recycled properly. 

Old Appliance Removal Services In St. Louis

If you are not completely sure about what to do with your old appliances, feel free to contact Slam Dunkin Junk to remove your appliance. 

We are a junk removal company with the best team of professionals with years of experience in the industry. We will be glad to take care of any junk removal needs. 

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