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Professional Junk Removal Services in Saint Louis, MO

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About Our Junk Removal Service

We can all agree that junk on your property is a hassle. It could be branches, debris in your yard, old furniture, waste, or anything you no longer need that might be difficult to discard if you don’t know who to call. It might seem overwhelming and frustrating to you. Removing junk shouldn’t be. 

Fear not because there is a solution – and it’s just a click away! At Slam Dunkin Junk, we relieve the hassle and discomfort of trash removal and clear your property in a prompt and easy, professional manner. Have we mentioned we also provide affordable and fair estimates? Call us today! 

Residential Cleanout Services

One integral part to selling a home is guaranteeing that the home is cleaned out and looking great for potential buyers. Specifically, in the case of foreclosures, guaranteeing that all the previous occupant’s residential or commercial property has been eliminated from the house prior to putting it up for sale makes a big distinction.

Not just do you need to carry heavy items out of the home, you likewise need to ensure that the home isn’t damaged either. Slam dunkin junk offers an efficient, safe and environment-friendly foreclosure and estate clear out service. We also provide an effective, safe and environmentally friendly foreclosure and estate tidy out service so you do not need to stress over clearing out the home.

Appliance Removal Services

Do you have old appliances just laying around the house, broken down and not doing nothing but taking up space? Eliminating old appliances like fridges, washing machines and ranges can be an overwhelming process. Not only are huge appliances insanely hard to pick up and move, but also how do you know where to bring them? Slam Dunkin’ Junk offers an effective, safe and environment-friendly home appliance removal service so you don’t need to stress over the the disposal of those old products.

All set to remove those old appliances? Give us a call at (636)428-3205 and our professional and insured appliance removal crew will appear at your office or home; we call 15 minutes before we arrive on site and we’ll provide you a totally free estimate based on just how much space your junk uses up in our truck.

Furniture Removal Services

Have you ever wished to get rid of your old furniture but merely didn’t have the time or manpower to do it? Or have you just recently bought new furniture, just to have the old pieces sit in the house and gather dust? Removal and disposal can be a task: not only are you required to break down and carry those heavy items out the door, but you then need to determine what to do with them.

Slam Dunkin’ Junk offers an effective, safe and environmentally friendly furniture removal service so you do not need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items. Not only that, but we ensure that your old furniture items wind up in the right place: whether it be a charity if the furniture pieces are still in great shape for a donation, or a recycling center to guarantee your furnishings are disposed of in an environment-friendly way.

Brush & Debris Removal Services

Whether it’s piles of leaves or weeds from the garden, lawn waste removal can be annoying. The growing number of laws banning yard waste from landfills have triggered many garbage companies to decline bags filled with leaves, turf clippings, and tree particles. Keeping lawn waste on your property can ruin your curb appeal.

At Slam Dunkin’ Junk we understand that yard garbage disposal can be challenging. We’re here to help make it easy for you! If you have a need for lawn waste pickup, give us a call. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!

Shed Removal Services

Sheds are fantastic for any home and they’re terrific for storage. It’s also great to keep things in the shed that you do not want to keep in your house. All around, sheds are just great to have. Up until they get old, broken and eventually become an eye sore. At that point you might begin to not want your shed anymore.

How do you get rid of and old shed, you ask? Simple, you call us at Slam Dunkin’ Junk, we are the number one option for shed demo and removal in St. Louis MO. The last thing you want to do is to attempt to take down and remove a shed yourself.

Slam Dunking Junk Appliances disposal

Hot Tub Removal Services

Jacuzzi not looking so hot? If you’re looking to eliminate your old hot tub, be prepared for some heavy lifting – the typical hot tub weighs more than 500 pounds! Even with a small group of friends, hot tub removal can be tough. Why not save yourself a lot of time and effort with Slam Dunkin’ Junk’s hot tub removal service! When you call Slam Dunkin’ Junk, we’ll come to your home, pick up your old hot tub and transport it away.

Hot tubs are a fantastic method to relax and relieve your muscles after a long day at work or a hard workout. What is not unwinding is the thought of breaking down and removing your jacuzzi or day spa on your own. Not only is the process really labor extensive, it also is a nightmare to get rid of. 

Light Demolition Services

Slam Dunkin’ Junk is the leading choice for light demolition services in St Louis, MO. If you are renovating your home or redesigning different parts of it, then it’s likely you are going to be doing a bit of light demolition to get these places prepared for building.

We have trained experts that can assist you in transporting away any and all debris that is left over from your demolition job.

Commercial building cleanout in St. Louis, MO

Commercial Building Cleanout Services

Slam Dunkin’ Junk is the leading choice for commercial cleanouts in St Louis, MO. When you require scrap to be gotten rid of from your industrial area, we’re the superior group of professionals to trust. The process is simple: it starts when you schedule your totally free consultation and estimate. We’re even readily available for emergency situation service, last minute consultations, and weekend hours.

Let us take care of your commercial cleanout, one of the most popular requests we get for our services. This is typically done as part of a relocation or scaling down process. If you’re preparing yourself to move, we’ll carry away the products you no longer need.

Commercial Junk Removal 

All organizations appear to create junk. Even if your company is not a production business, simply being in business for a long period of time often leads to an accumulation of scrap. Whether it’s that old workplace furniture and equipment you’re no longer utilizing, or simply large amounts of trash and debris, everything needs to be disposed of.

However it is more likely that you do not have your employees doing that sort of work frequently, if ever. Which means you have to make some sort of arrangements for when you need business junk removal services. Slam Dunkin’ Junk is the leading company junk removal service in St. Louis, MO.

Office Cleanout in St. Louis, MO
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Residential Junk Removal 

If you were searching for “residential junk removal services near me,” we got you. Our services will meet and exceed your expectations. We’re a locally owned and operated company, so we know first-hand what the residents in Saint Louis, MO, need.

We help homeowners and renters find an easy option for cleaning out unwanted junk. We understand you do not want to wait throughout the day, so we show up on schedule and finish the job quickly.

Let us throw away your trash. Want higher efficiency?

Home Cleaning & Hoarder Control

Hoarding becomes a concern when there is an inability to throw things away. Also, there is severe anxiety when attempting to discard everyday items. Therefore, residential junk removal services become a necessity to help categorize and organize possessions. 

At Slam Dunkin Junk in Saint Louis, we provide you with the trust you need to clear the path for your new life and your new home. We provide trash removal, house cleaning, and residential junk removal services to create a squeaky clean environment. You’re not alone; we’re here to provide professional and honest trash management.

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