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Hot Tub Removal & Disposal Service In St. Louis, MO

Are you having issues with your Hot Tub? If you’re looking to get rid of your old hot tub, be prepared for some heavy lifting – the typical hot tub weighs more than 500 pounds! Even with a small group of friends, hot tub removal can be tough. Why not save yourself a lot of time and effort with Slam Dunkin’ Junk’s hot tub disposal service! When you call Slam Dunkin’ Junk, we’ll come to your home, pick up your old hot tub and transport it away.

We do it all – Just tell us where the old hot tub is, and our residential junk removal pros will be on our way to get rid of the old hot tub. We also make certain that your old spa ends up in the best place; in many cases, a recycling center to guarantee your tub is disposed of in an eco-friendly method.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on our hot tub disposal services.

Man removing old hot tub with tools

Hire Professional Hot Tub Removal Service

Hot tub removal can be a backbreaking task if you plan on attempting it by yourself. Hot tubs typically weigh several hundred pounds and are awkward to lift and maneuver. The sheer size of them makes it difficult to get them out without hurting yourself or damaging your home, deck, lawn, driveway, etc. 

Hot tubs can also stain and damage any hard surfaces they contact when moving around the yard. 

If you’re still not convinced that hot tub removal is a pain, let us give you another reason to consider paying for hot tub disposal. Hot tubs are filled with up to 80 gallons of water that must be disposed of properly. 

Ready To Not Do The Work Yourself? 

Hot tub removal is more of a hassle than it’s worth, which is where Slam Dunkin Junk can help. We’re a locally-owned and operated hot tub removal company. We will haul away your hot tub for you and recycle, donate or dispose of them responsibly.

If you’re looking to get that hot tub removed from your backyard without doing any lifting, contact us today to get an estimate on the removal service, so we can get started as soon as possible.

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