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Storms and Yard Debris: How to Get Rid of It Properly

It’s the aftermath of a storm, and you’re looking at your yard, which is covered in debris. Yard debris poses many safety risks to homeowners and their families. Still, it can also be a hindrance for businesses that need to keep their space clean. 

Yard debris includes items like tree branches, leaves, sticks, bushes, and other loose items scattered across the ground after a storm has passed through. 

If left on your property for too long, these materials can create an unsafe environment or cause damage to landscaping or structures on your property. If you want to learn more about how to get rid of debris, keep reading!

First Thing First

You should first make sure everyone is safe inside your home or business before planning to get rid of yard debris. Next, it’s important to identify what materials have been spread throughout your property because different types of storm damage require different methods to dispose of them safely. 

Yard waste such as leaves and bushes typically needs composting. Tree branches may either need to be chopped up into small pieces.

How Can Storm Debris Affect A Business?

Business owners need to have their customers in mind and the safety hazards that yard debris can cause. Yard debris can create a tripping hazard, which in turn could make it difficult for your business to thrive if you have many people coming through daily. 

It’s also important to know that businesses are liable when someone gets injured on their property because they didn’t properly remove any hazardous materials from the areas where their customers or employees walk or work around frequently.  

Yard debris also can cause damage to sidewalks, parking lots, and even driveways if they’re exposed to heavy storms frequently.

How Can Yard Debris Affect A Homeowner?

Homeowners need to think about their family too. Yard debris is a threat because it could contain hazardous materials like broken glass or nails that, when stepped on, can pierce through the sole of your shoe, which in turn punctures your foot. 

In addition, yard debris poses many safety threats for people who choose to play outside after a storm has passed by. Children are more likely going out there without thinking about what’s lying around on the ground first. 

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Storm Debris?

If you need a junk removal company to take care of storm damage and debris, Slam Dunkin Junk is your best choice. We are committed to providing the best services in the area; with our fully licensed and insured team, you won’t have to worry about anything!

Please don’t put your safety and others at risk; let us handle your yard debris situation.